How can Choice Castings help you?

Quality Concerns?

Standard capabilities are process engineers with extensive experience supported by pattern shops.

But if one foundry is not well-suited for your application or tooling, we have other options that surely will be capable of solving your quality issues.

Lastly, our standard is to continuously work on processing improvements to maintain the competitiveness of your products.

Need Expedited Service?

We leverage our spend and have flexibility in production schedules due to ordering for stocking purposes.

This allows us more freedom in scheduling and getting orders processed - often in just a few days.

Can your supplier do that?

Offshoring Headaches?

Were you caught up in the offshoring wave?  Trying to reduce your purchase price indiscriminately? 

Offshore suppliers can be inconsistent and difficult to manage.  We have established sourcing channels to India and China and stock parts domestically to avoid supply delays.

But our major focus now is associated with RESHORING parts.  We can help you find domestic homes for your parts and program manage the return and launch of production from known and competitive reliable manufacturers.

Welcome to Choice Castings

Opportunities for Foundries to add regular orders. Industrial and commercial casting solutions. Not just castings or machined parts, or. We provide metal castings when you need them at the price you need.

We focus on know-how, leverage, and strategy. To allow you to focus on your manufacturing and sales.

  • Stocked Items

    Hand wheels - Nest caps - Wing nuts - Spike Grids

  • Conversions

    Castings are simpler and more effective than fabrications and thus frequently very cost effective.

  • Cast Threads

    Malleable iron with cast internal NPT and ACME threads.

  • Large Castings

    Small to large. Ferrous and Non Ferrous. Sand, permanent mold, investment cast.

  • Machined Components

    We can provide raw or machined castings and machined components from bar stock and billet.

  • Inventory Program

    our deliveries will be coordinated, using stocking or consignment programs.

In Stock Items

Nest Caps

Wing Nuts

Hand Wheels

Spike Grids