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  • Casting Sourcing

    We can provide:

    • Malleable, Gray and Ductile Iron Castings (0.1 to 100 pounds).
    • Aluminum Sand and Die Castings (0.1 to 50 pounds).
    • Brass and Copper Alloy Castings in Sand and Permanent Mold (0.1 to 50 pounds).
    • Investment Steel Castings up to 20 pounds.
    • Sand Steel Castings up to 30,000 pounds.

    Utilizing our network of foundries and machining sources, we develop optimal sourcing strategies for our customers and in some cases even individual components.

  • Rapid Prototyping

    We can take an existing drawing and provide you with a rapid prototype within days, so you know exactly what you can expect and if the part willmeet your expectations.

    If you are not in posession of a 3D drawing, we can create one for you based on simpler drawing types or just based on samples or sketches.

  • Urgent Supply

  • Processing & Performance Simulations

    Castings tend to contain slight imperfections such as shrinkage or voids.  In order to minimize or completely eliminate these issues in particular sections or altogether, we simulate the casting process using state-of-the-art simulation software.

    We can also simulate the performance of your casting, which can reduce the development process and asssure that your part functions as planned.